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Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Shooting Guide

Here are some suggestions for video shoots of Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Shooting Guide:

1. Video Topic: Unboxing Video

2. Video showing the product Usage & Usage Effect:

Perfect vacuum sealing of Mason jars is achieved in 20-40 seconds at the push of a button, ensuring that every jar stays fresh with ease.

Suggested operation time: 20 seconds for solids, 40 seconds or more for liquids.

3. Video showing the product Usage Scenarios:

Demonstrate vacuum storage with canned goods, hot sauce, grains, nuts, spices, coffee, candies, etc. 
And verbally explain that it's perfect for prepping canned foods for gatherings and sealing meals in advance for workdays, keeping ingredients fresh and extending the shelf life of food.

4. Warm tips:

1. The use of the vacuum sealer is to vacuum storage. It can't sterilize at high temperatures and can't replace pressure canisters.

2. All kinds of wet goods or liquid need to be refrigerated storage after being vacuum sealed.

3. It can not directly vacuum seal fresh fruit.

4. Pickle fermentation products can be used directly for vacuum pickling.


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